Newcastle Work party bus

Are you getting tired of the same old pubs that you go to with your mates after a long day of work? Are you looking for the best newcastle work party bus has to offer? Do you want to have the most fun you can get in a party bus in Newcastle? Damien’s Work party bus hire is the answer to these questions.

Damien’s party bus all need to unwind after a long day of work. If you are getting tired of the same old parties, then a Work party bus is for you! Damien’s Party Bus has all the makings of a good party!
work party bus

Damien’s party bus have got your stocks’ storage covered

Some of you prefer beer, some prefer whiskey, and some prefer non-alcoholic beverages. No matter what you want to drink, no matter what you want to party with, we’ve got the storage space to keep it safe while you have fun. Your booze will be safe no matter how wild you get!

Music? All up to you.

It’s a work party so it’s normal to have some younger people and a few older ones. Music tastes vary, so we won’t impose what kind of music to play. It’s our bus, but it’s your night! You choose what music you want to play. Make sure you stock up your phones with the songs that you want playing all night.

work party bus
work party bus

We can coordinate the pickup and destination when we plan

As long as it’s in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area, we can pick you up and take you wherever you want to go. Talk to us if you feel like making a few detours along the way. Feel like partying somewhere inside the party bus? Just tell us where you want to go and we will make it happen. Anything to make your work party in the newcastle work party bus more special!

Hire a party bus for your work party

Work party buses are a welcome break from all the boring pub drinking that you normally do. If it’s a special occasion (or even if it’s not), make sure you hire Damien’s Party Bus for that work party.

Looking for the best party bus Hunter Valley has to offer? That’s us! Drop us a line so we can start planning.