Newcastle Vineyard tour bus

Hunter Valley is famous for its wine, and no place is famous for wine without having vineyards that it can boast of. The Hunter Valley area has a generous share of vineyards and they are open to visitors. Visiting just one vineyard is boring, though.

To make the most of a trip to the Hunter Valley, do a tour of its many vineyards. Better yet, get a newcastle vineyard tour bus! If you are looking for the best party bus Hunter Valley has for a vineyard tour, then Damien’s vineyard tour bus is the one to take. Just think of all the wine you’ll get to drink.

vineyard tour bus

Looking to take out some wine?

Damien’s Party Bus have safe storage spaces if you wish to take out wine from the cellars that you will be visiting. Don’t worry, they’ll be safe. It’s a newcastle vineyard tour bus, but it also doubles as a great storage space for booze – trust us on this.

Our vineyard tour buses are safe for you and your party

The newcastle vineyard tour bus isn’t just safe for the booze. Damien’s Party Bus also care about your well-being so rest assured, you and your mates will be safe while you party and drink to your hearts’ content.

vineyard tour bus
vineyard tour bus

You pick what cellars and vineyards you want to visit

Hunter Valley has a generous share of excellent cellars and vineyards that you can visit, so it’s up to you to decide which of these you want to go to. If you are new to the area, then you can also ask us for recommendations on where to go. Damien’s Party Buswill get you there safely.

Hire a party bus for your vineyard tour

Damien’s Party Bus don’t tell you how have fun, so the entertainment you want while you travel from vineyard to vineyard is entirely up to you! You can dance to your heart’s content if you want, or have a classy little wine-drinking session if you wish. Or do both, you’re in charge.

Damien’s Party Bus is the best party bus hunter valley vineyard tours can offer. Damien’s Party Bus will make your party happen, and you can party knowing that you and your friends are safe. Contact us today and let’s plan your next tour!