Newcastle bucks party bus

Are you looking for a bucks party bus in the Newcastle or Hunter Valley area? Do you want some thrills while your mate gets ready for the married life? Look no further, as Damien’s Party Bus is the best newcastle bucks party bus has to offer. It’s the best party bus the Hunter Valley has around, too!

If you find a normal booze session with your friends in a boring old room to be quite stale, then why not try hiring a newcastle bucks party bus to spice up the last days of your mate’s singlehood? Damien’s Party Bus is the best one that the area has to offer, and it will definitely make the night one to remember.

newcastle bucks party bus

Your booze is safe with us

Our buses have safe storage spaces for your booze and food, so you need not worry about whether your drinks and snacks will survive the trip. Call us to ask about what the ideal food and drinks you can bring.

Music and entertainment? The choice is up to you!

We won’t tell you how to have fun! You can control what kind of entertainment you want and what music you listen to while you indulge aboard the newcastle bucks party bus. You can fill the bus to your heart’s content with every single thing that you think will make the night more memorable. It’s all up to your imagination.

You can spend the whole bucks’ party in the bus, or you can do a bar and pub crawl if you so wish. Again, we won’t tell you how to spend your night. Tell us what you want, and we will make it happen!

While we do give recommendations, how to spend the bucks’ party is up to you! Ask us for advice, and we can build the night around what you want.

newcastle bucks party bus

Get Damien’s Party Bus for your mate’s bucks party

We have the best bucks party bus Newcastle and Hunter Valley has, so contact us today to make an enquiry!